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Are cheetahs clones of each other?

Cheetahs share so much DNA that they're practically clones of one another. Learn what this means for the future of the species at HowStuffWorks.

Boxer Crabs Clone Their Anemone Bioweapons

Researchers have found that the Lybia boxer crab sports sea anemone cudgels. Learn how that works at HowStuffWorks Now.

It's like grandmother said, "It's always a bad idea to clone Neanderthals."

When I was a young boy, my grandmother sat me on her knee and breathed words to me that I have always carried with me. I remember it distinctly: geckos crawled on the screens of her porch between the 2x4s stained to look like red cedar. The shuffleboard court just beyond shimmered through the balmy air, illuminated blindingly by the white sunlight that shone down on her little patch of Fort Myers. Carried on fumes of gin and the jangly rattle of her thick bracelets, she said to me, "Josh, it will always be a bad idea to clone the Neanderthals. I know you don't know what those are right now, but you will someday. And I want you to remember; no matter how they want to bring them back, it's a bad idea. The Neanderthals died off for a reason."

Should we bank the genes of extraordinary people for cloning?

Human gene banks sound futuristic and maybe even creepy, to be honest. Find out if human gene banks already exist and what their pros and cons are.

What's the Missyplicity Project?

The Missyplicity Project was created in order to clone a man's beloved dog, Missy. Learn about the Missyplicity Project, and find out if scientists successfully cloned dogs.

How Teleportation Will Work

Teleportation combines properties of telecommunications and transportation. Learn about experiments in teleportation, quantum teleportation and genetic cloning.

Can we create a real Jurassic Park?

Is a real Jurassic Park possible, or is the idea purely science fiction? Learn about creating a real jurassic park in this article from HowStuffWorks.

Woolly Mammoths For Sale

You haven't misread the title; rest assured that woolly mammoths are still extinct. However, there are several scientists trying revive mammoths -- and they might just succeed. Tune in to learn more about mammoth cloning.

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