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How Human Cloning Will Work

Human cloning has been an ethical issue ever since the first sheep was cloned in 1997. Learn about the science behind human cloning.

Can you steal a few hairs from a racehorse and clone your own?

You could clone a racehorse with a few hairs and some cloning know-how. Learn how scientists can clone a racehorse and what it means for horseracing.

Send in the Clones

What is the future of cloning? The podcast team discusses the scientific breakthroughs, the barriers and the ethical questions about cloning.

Can scientists clone dinosaurs?

Dinosaur cloning was first popularized in the movie 'Jurassic Park.' Read about the science of cloning dinosaurs and where we might find dinosaur DNA.

Would having your own clone be like having an identical twin?

The difference between a clone and a twin isn't great genetically. Find out why a clone and a twin are so similar and which would be your best match.

Could we clone our organs to be used in a transplant?

Cloned organ transplants might seem impossible, but researchers are working on it. Learn how cloned organ transplants might help those who need donors.

Inside 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

Star Wars: Clone Wars is the story of the galactic civil war in the Star Wars epic. See who fights in Star Wars: Clone Wars.

How are cell phones cloned?

Sometimes people can listen in to your phone transmission and tap into your phone ID. Learn how cell phones are cloned in this article.

Why are some animals harder to clone than others?

Hard-to-clone animals include dogs, monkeys and chickens. Learn how scientists try to overcome the challenges associated with hard-to-clone animals.

What are Mac clones?

Mac users swear by Apple products -- the style and innovation keep these customers coming back for more. But what about the foreign companies manufacturing reverse-engineered Apple clones? Tune in and learn more in this podcast from

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