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What's the Difference Between Burrata and Mozzarella?

These two Italian cheeses may look similar on the outside. But it's what's revealed on the inside that makes them so deliciously different.

Does Reopening Schools Cause COVID-19 to Spread?

Reopening schools is at the top of everyone's wish list, but does reopening them cause COVID-19 to spread? Well, it's complicated.

Who's Behind the Mysterious Mojave Desert Megaphone?

This huge hunk of metal has been perched on a hilltop in the Mojave Desert for decades. No one knows who put it there. Was it the U.S. Air Force, pranksters — or aliens?

Whiteout Warning! Why Snow Squalls Can Be So Deadly

These intense snowstorms can come out of nowhere. They may not last long, but their rapid snowfall and whipping winds can make them disastrous.

Why Does the Secret Service Protect a President's Adult Children?

The United States Secret Service provides 24/7 protection for the wives and kids of the U.S. president and vice president, including their adult children. But why do a president's children get protection?

What's the Difference Between a National Park and National Monument?

There are 20 different types of "national parks" that fall under the protection of the National Park Service, including national monuments and actual parks. But what makes them different?

How to Fill Out a Money Order

Sometimes a money order is the best way to conduct a financial transaction, but knowing how to successfully fill one out is key.

Placebo Surgeries Are Effective, But Are They Ethical?

Some clinical trials subject volunteers to fake surgeries to determine whether a surgical procedure has any real value.

Rambutan Is the 'Hairier' Cousin of the Lychee Fruit

Its name is a derivative of a Mayan word for "hair" and by the looks of it you can see why. But how do you eat a rambutan and what does it taste like?

Convergent Evolution: When a Good Idea Moves Between Species

Organisms not related to each other can develop similar physical attributes without even exchanging notes.

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